Stars & Sharks


Stars & Sharks is not here to teach, because being a Shark is all about having that extra something that can’t be taught. We understand that chefs enter the industry with a wide range of skills and abilities.

For these reasons we innovate the industry with a new, revolutionary CoC (Certificate of Competence) tool especially conceived for Chefs working in this challenging industry.

Stars & Sharks CoC: Innovation and Revolution

Our CoC is innovative because up to date is the only Certificate available in the industry assessing the competence and the professionalism of a Chef according to his skills and abilities through an exam to be taken in front of a highly competent commission. It is also revolutionary because the document issued once passed the exam is stating not only the skills per rank achieved but also the time and kind of service provided by the Chef onboard (CSR or Chef Service Record). These information are verified by Stars & Sharks through rigorous inquiries (Captains, Brokers and Flag authorities) providing Chefs with an invaluable tool for working.

Stars & Sharks Ranks


A member of Stars & Sharks gains full access to our tools and community. Most importantly he/her  will have the opportunity to discharge his/ her new chef experience, visible on the member’s official CoC. Members will also be able to use the Stars & Sharks’ Media Hub to upload their latest creations.

Green Shark

A Green Shark is our entry-level rank, designed to give “green” yacht chefs a taste of what Stars & Sharks can offer.

After using their CSR to log their first few service days and provided they have their basic documents to serve on board, after passing a 1 day assessment, the first step is there for them to take.

Junior Shark

To achieve this rank, along having the required C-Service, candidates must successfully submit a Shark Assessment Request (SAR). They must be able to demonstrate a high aptitude for creating great cuisine during their 2 days assessment.

Senior Shark

The backbone of the industry, Senior Sharks keep up to date with all the latest culinary trends, so Stars always know our Senior Sharks are serving them exclusive and exceptional meals. The 2 days exam to reach this rank is hard but once passed is highly rewarding. In fact these are the Sharks we want to grow and develop through the opportunities of our media and TV formats.

Master Shark

This rank assessment is very hard to pass because it is designed for the innovators and the pioneers only, those whose years of dedication within the industry led them to the mastery of multiple cuisines. Their creative talents now mean they set the trends that the industry follows. Having mastered multiple languages finding the best ingredients is no struggle; even on the rare occasion they don’t know the area. It is their charisma and sheer culinary brilliance that puts them at the forefront of our media and events. We give them the ultimate opportunity for fame because for a Master Shark success is the only option.

Golden Shark

Golden Shark is an honorary title reserved for a select few, to recognise their contribution to the culinary world of yachting. Throughout the course of their career they have demonstrated an extraordinary attitude towards food. Therefore no assessment is needed because the world already knows of their unparalleled knowledge of cuisines. Iconic, friendly and natural leaders, their inborn talent for cuisine and showmanship will see them take on a different role to other Sharks within our media and events.